Meetings - Who, When and Where?

  The PHS Parent's Club holds two distinct type of regular meetings. Board of Directors meetings and Genereal Membership meetings. The Board of Directors meet quarterly, at a minumum, while there are typically 1 or 2 General Membership meetings held each year. Board meetings are held at local establishments, BOD member homes, etc. and general memebership meetings are typically held in the PHS Library.
  BOD meetings are open for members to attend, however, the agenda is set so as to afford the BOD adequate opportunity to strategize about governing the organization. Also, BOD meetings are typically scheduled to take place in a home or other small venue and may not afford adequate space for additional attendees. Advanced notice of attendance is required so that provisions can be made to support additional attendees. Any items to be addressed by general membership need to be submitted to the BOD a minimum of 14 days in advance for review and will be added to the agenda if approved.

2019 BOD Meeting Schedule

  • Monday March 4 - BOD Working meeting
  • Monday April 22 - BOD Planning meeting
  • Monday Sept 16 - BOD Working meeting

2019 General Meeting Schedule

2018 BOD Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday May 9 - Working meeting
  • Wednesday June 27 - Working meeting
  • Tuesday July 10 - Working meeting
  • Tuesday August 7 - Working meeting
  • Thursday August 23 - Budget planning meeting
  • Sunday September 16 - Budget planning meeting
  • Wednesday November 28 - Working meeting

2018 General Meeting Schedule

  • Mon. May 9th, 2018
  • Wed. October 17, 2018 - 6:00 PM - The Floatation Device - Purdy
    Please review the General Meeting Agenda, Budget and Proposed Bylaws in advance of the meeting.